Things She Could Never Have

These understated, beautiful, and disturbing stories depict the lives of Pakistanis–privileged or poor, gay or straight, men or women–painting the life of a nation deeply troubled. “Clean” takes us into the mind of an abused maidservant’s boy who gets seduced into the role of a suicide bomber. In “Pray,” a group of privileged young men and women, some of them home from abroad, gallivant through the streets of Karachi, until two of them go to a mosque, and meet a terrible fate. “Things She Could Never Have” is a love story about two young trans women living in Karachi. “Home” follows one of them to her place of birth in a small village in the Punjab.


“Tehmina Khan’s Things She Could Never Have is a riveting window into the lives of modern Pakistanis–both here in Toronto and in Karachi.”

She Does the City

“Through her short stories, Khan takes us into the complexities of the lives of modern Pakistanis, writing through lenses of class, race, gender, and sexuality.”

World Literature Today

“The reason I wanted more is because of what Khan does well: offering a kaleidoscopic
view of those so often rendered invisible.”

The Globe and Mail

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