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Tell me a Story

“Tell me a story, Fatima.”   “No, Nani, you always fall asleep. Today, you tell me a story. Tell me about your wedding again. I want to hear about your gharara, and about Nana.”    Shameem Bano sighed. Revisiting the past was, at times, painful. Some days, she would lay her husband’s framed photograph on its backContinue reading “Tell me a Story”


Arretez Stop Rukh jaoo Turn around Look at me Yes, that’s enough Arretez Stop Rukh jaoo Sing to me A song of immeasurable sadness For I am sad without you And this is my truth Arretez Stop  Rukh jaoo Walk towards me So I may watch The rhythm of your body as you move NowContinue reading “Arretez”

A Woman who Writes

“One is not born a woman, but rather becomes a woman.”  Simone De Beauvoir Is my writing affected by being a woman, by my environment making me a woman? Of course, it is. I have never experienced the world as anything but a female human being. In her twenties, Beauvoir thought of herself as justContinue reading “A Woman who Writes”


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